Sunday, March 10, 2013

Online Foldable bike buying trend? Here's Hachiko Foldie (HA01)

As the online buying spree and spending keep increasing from internet savvy young generation, it's no surprise foldable bike (being lighter weight and friendly for shipping) become the ultimate e-buy new darling..

Today we highlight the Hachiko brand (Model: HA01) foldie now on sale at at just $399. The price includes shipping from overseas while if you have issues on repair I'm afraid you are on your own from here...

The bike comes in 3 attractive colours. Black, White and Orange. The sexy dual tone tyres are very attractive while the most distintive feature got the be the mechanical disc brake system that are unheard of at this price tag. The frame is based on hi-tensile steel aluminium and does yet again resemblance Dahon Mu frame in this instance, the de-facto frame design of the same price category. As we have previously highlighted on sub-$400 foldie, this is an interesting proposition with some unique features to achieve this price point.

* April 2013 Update: More competitors are now vying for the same pie as we now have a local distributor whom also confirmed that this is a hi-tensile steel frame (with a hi-tensile steel fork) which is very prone is a rust-magnet (Model: HA01)

- Frame: Hi-Tensile Steel
- Fork: Hi-Tensile Steel
- Handle Post: Hi-Tensile Steel
- Rim (Wheelset): Aluminium Alloy

In a nutshell, if you ask me. This is just an slight upgrade of the ALEOCA bike costly in the under $150 range while some parts are significantly familiar on my previous ALEOCA bike.

- Similar Handle Post (Mild steel with black paint coating)
- Similar chain wheel
- Similar 7 speed Shimano gear system (slightly different shifter but generally same derailleur)
- Similar brake lever (plastic base)

Advance rusting stage (after 12-24 months)
Allow me to share the condition of how hi-tensile steel components will be like after 12-24 months.

(The same handle post - but in full black finishing on Hachiko: Noticed the clamp are all rusting?)

The rusting clamp on a closer inspection  (same clamp on the Hachiko)

The Shimano TZ rear derailleur/Shimano cassette - The cassette is original Shimano hi-tensile steel parts)

(China-made hi-tensile steel crankset and chainring)

The Pros:
- Mechanical Disc brake system (First in the sub-$400 price range)
- Additional cable lock attachment on the seatpost (valued at $5-10)
- Trendy dual tone tyres that add in the attractiveness

The Cons:
- Unknown warranty issue (at your own risk)
- Cheaper handle post (rust magnet)
- Small 48T crankset
- Hi-Tensile Steel frame/fork,handle post, cassette.
- Cost 3-4x the cost of a Aleoca foldable bike but with over 50% similar low end components
- Unknown warranty and high maintenance after a period of use

April 2013 Revised: With the confirmation of the frame material of hi-tensile steel, the price tag of S$420 are definitely over-priced for the components used. As majority of the parts are rust-magnet (frame, fork, cassette, crank-set, handle post, etc). The beautiful paintwork will start to degrade in the 9-18 months of use depending on your location's humidity. At this price point, the entry level aluminium frame based models from Raleigh or Polygon are definitely better.
If you are looking for sub-$400 bicycle and are keen to try out how mechanical disc brake works. This maybe among the best candidates with very attractive colours and trendy tyres combination.

At the price of $399. It may not be the cheapest aluminium bike in the market, but it sure raise some eyebrown with the 3 fashionable colour tone and the unique disc-brake system which is first in this class. The cost cutting goes onto the chain wheel, lower end 6 speed gear system, brake handle, handle post which makes will definitely means faster replacement due to the early rusting on the lower end parts. You may be better off getting a Raleigh/Polygon for the additional "warranty" that will be provided. Not always online give a better deal, especially when bulk of the cost will be to pay for the shipping to your home from China (or Japan?)...

Price: 2 / 5
Looks: 4 / 5
Value: 2/5
Upgradability: 1/5 (requires to change almost every single components)
Side note: A quick check also revealed that this "Made in China" model may or may not be actually made of aluminum frame (subject to confirmation) while the weight and frame material are vastly different in Ali Express site compared to description elsewhere.


  1. Feel free to drop any questions if any...

  2. Good review bro, I hope i could find an interesting foldie bike ...

    Do you have any good suggestion for a foldie bike with a good price point and good components? My price definition of bikes is not over 800 for a foldie bike.

  3. There is an updated spec list for the Qoo10 listing claiming all alumnium parts and a weight of 11.5 kg.

  4. Hi there Harold, you can consider the Dahon Vitesse P8 or Tern.

    There's a current promotion for Dahon (USA) currently. The link below are the link to the distributor site.

    If you are more concern about pricing, Dahon is usually more affordable while Tern offer a higher specs model (Link D8) if you need better performance. Hope this helps!

  5. Nic, not only it is now claimed to be Aluminium at 11.5 kg, price is now only $279. Wonder if specs claimed have been verified and confirmed to be true.

  6. Hi all. Do take note that some sellers specifically mentioned it as a "aluminium folding bike" or "Aluminium/alloy rim". The rim (or wheelset) for Aleoca ($70-200) bikes are all using aluminium alloy. Do not be confused by the term "Aluminium" as it may only apply to certain parts (such as one of the clamp or just the rim).

  7. Thanks Maxxum. The Qoo10 listing I saw specifically claimed Aluminium frame and 12 kg weight. Any views on Raleigh v Polygon?

  8. I contacted the vendor. $279 model different specs. Smaller wheels, single speed.

  9. Take note that HA01 is a hi-tensile steel frame bike. Do not get mislead by the unverified claim that it has aluminium (Yes, for the alloy RIM which even a Aleoca $100 bike has)...

    Go for HA10 to be absolutely sure that you owns a aluminium frame bike (also take not of the welding pictures to identify if it's steel or aluminium). But at the price, Raleigh or Polygon is a better choice.

  10. Wow - What a great review! Thank you so much. Have to admit Hachiko HA 01 bike LOOKS tempting! But looks can be decieving.

    ~ Pandora

  11. Ur review very the good, makes me think/browse twice in qoo for a more trusteorthy vendor!

  12. Hi there
    I am interested in getting a foldable bike however my budget is kinda limited. btw aeon 20; kalaq q5 and hachiko ha 01 which one is a better choice?

  13. the welds look like aluminum to me - OI have never seen big TIG weld on a steel frame before. No way a hi tensile steel frame would be 12 kg either.

  14. Thanks, a great review! Now the model sells for S$199 from Qoo10. Wonder how easy the bike can be folded, say, under 10 seconds? This is important to take the bike travel via bus or MRT. Thanks

  15. Any thoughts on HA-04? Look pretty slick.

  16. Where can I buy some Hachiko HA-01 or similar for Mexico? my correct mail is
    Thank you very much

  17. Where can I buy some Hachiko HA-01 or similar for Mexico? my correct mail is
    Thank you very much

  18. Hello I bought this one from DHgate and I hope it is Aluminium Alloy beause the description and seller says it it? What do you think Maxxum?!;searl|487708059

  19. Fyi, the Hachiko HA-01 frame is Aluminium. I have one and the magnet does NOT stick to the frame which proved it is not steel.

  20. Anyone has the photos & details of a Hachiko HA-02? Bought a bicycle online which claimed to be Hachiko HA-02, but the actual bicycle is just a bicycle with Hachiko logos stickers pasted on bicycle frame. Seller insisted it's authentic bicycle, but I wanted to find the authentic bicycle photos to prove otherwise.
    Can't really determine with mostly HA-01 details online, but not HA-02.
    Any idea which shops are Hachiko official distributors?

    1. This is the HA-02 model. newer compare to HA-01

  21. I really appreciate your blog and very nice and interesting information about the Foldable bike Singapore that's really good.